Monday, July 16, 2012

Inspiration and motivation

So I've just created this blog as an extra push to travel the world more. This may stay blank for a little while, while I get everything together. At the moment I am currently living away from home, home being New Zealand,  and have based myself as an English teacher in South Korea. Once I have something more substantial to write I will update this blog about my adventures, which will then hopefully kick start this into a fully-fledged travel blog.

I hope to travel to as many countries as I can over the next couple years at least, or as long as my bank account will allow me. Until then, I'll keep planning and hopefully soon I will start adding more posts.

I hope to write as I leave each country. I would rather have a full, uninterrupted experience of each place before I share my thoughts with you rather than updating as I go along. I feel this may come out cleaner and clearer rather than a collection of rambling posts about one country. Anyway, I don't intend for this blog to be anything spectacular, but just something to share my journeys and memories with other fellow travelers. Follow if you like, or carry on. Either way, I won't mind ;-)

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