Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tanah Lot Temple

This was by far one of my favourite spots in Indonesia. It's a couple hours drive out of Ubud, which is where I was staying at the time, but I know you can plan a day trip to here from Kuta, too.

Long ago a temple was built on top of a beautiful rock formation off the coast of Bali. This was a perfect setting for tranquility, peace and protection. Certain times of the day, the temple will be completely surrounded by water and unaccessible. But at low tide you can walk to the base of the rock formation and it's surroundings.

The best time to head there is around sunset. This is the most popular time, too, as it faces west-ward and makes for a beautiful picture at the right moment. It definitely makes the temple that bit more magical.

You can enter the lower part of the island, after having been blessed by the monks in their natural underground spring, but the actual temple itself is closed off to visitors.

After being blessed by the local monks.

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