Sunday, March 23, 2014

Travel Tip: crossing the border overland

This is mainly for those travelling on two passports, and this is based on my experience crossing Laos to Thailand. Crossing the border overland is different to entering via an airport. In an airport, customs do not care what passport you use so long as you can legally enter their country. Overland, they want to put the entry stamp next to the current exit stamp. So there is no way to interchange passports.

While this might not effect you, just keep this in mind if you are ever trying to get a visa (I.e. Chinese visa) within  that country. For example, I entered Thailand with my Laos visa and was expecting to enter Thailand with my NZ passport. However, as I crossed the border overland, my entry stamp remained on my Philippine passport. This caused me a lot of trouble trying to get a Chinese visa on my NZ passport while in Chiang Mai.

If this is not the case for all overland border crossing , or visa issuance, please let me know!

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