Thursday, June 20, 2013

Moses Miracle at Seonyudo

Off the west coast of South Korea is a little island called Seonyudo. The best port to access this island is from Gunsan and it takes about an hour and a half ride on a ferry to get there. It's a small island that is perfect for a little weekend getaway.

One of  my favourite things on this island is that when the tide goes out it creates a stone/shell pathway to a smaller island that is usually a little swim out from the shore. It only takes about two to five minutes to walk around the whole thing but it's a little beaut. Sitting on the top of the little peak under some shade you can look back onto the main beach and it seems like all your cares just wash away in that moment.

(Photos below are courtesy of Adam Jones)

Looking towards the little island.
Walking out the water level was only ankle to mid-calf deep.
Walking to the peak of the little island.
Looking back towards the main island. You can see the pathway here.
We only stayed for about 5 minutes here. Walking back the water had risen to nearly hip deep.

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