Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Something just off topic a little bit....but I guess this also explains why I love to travel so much. Stepping foot on new grounds and seeking adventure is like living out a fantasy or stepping into another persons shoes; another version of me that only comes out when I'm consumed by wanderlust.



I love being a true embodiment of a Pisces being: ambitious, impulsive, enthusiastic, full of energy; pioneers both in thought and action, a lover of freedom. Albeit, it does get me into trouble. Pisces are over-emotional, sensitive, dreamers and will lose themselves in a relationship or their passion. I’m an escapist. I like the little fantasies that play in my mind. If only I could project that into real life and let everyone else watch with me. More so, I wish it was real life. But there I go again, wishing fantasy into reality. It’s not always healthy to be a true Pisces.


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