Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dive Sites and Snorkeling Spots

I am still working towards getting my PADI certification, but until I have the time to be able to do this course properly I'll just keep on doing the introduction dives for now.

Introduction dives are a good way to start off if you're nervous about jumping into a full course straight away. It'll give you the basic instructions on buoyancy, air control and the underwater hand signals you need.

I've been to five spots so far and hope to add more to this as time goes. Although, the few spots I have been to have been amazing diving and snorkeling sites with abundant underwater life.

All these dive shops were PADI members and rated with 5 stars.

* FIJI - Mantaray Island
When I went here, this was operated by Reef Safari. Now the island runs their own dive shop called Mantaray Dive- http://www.stayinfiji.com/accommodation/diving.htm

This has been my favorite spot so far. So, so, so many different types of fish and it was at its best at about 830 in the morning. If you remember that scene from Finding Nemo where he takes his son to school and there are just schools and schools of fish swimming about...it was exactly like that but more! (Sorry, that was the best way of describing how it was!)

*SAMOA- Aqua Samoa at Aggie Greys Hotel and Resort
This was in their dive site called the 'Fish Bowl', about a 20 minute boat ride from the harbour.

*NORTHLAND, NEW ZEALAND- Poor Knights Island
This site was named by Jacques-Yves Cousteau as one of the top-ten dive sites in the world. Not too shabby for lil 'ol NZ.

If you can, definitely do a sailing trip around the Whitsunday Islands and tell your captain that he MUST stop at Whitehaven Beach. This is only THE BEST beach I have ever been to yet (you can read a little more on my post about Adventure Tours Australia). Powder, white sand and baby reef sharks and stingrays in the shallower waters. It takes about a half hour hike to get from the beach entrance to where this beach is located (nearly on opposites sides of the island).

While I only snorkeled here, this island and Gili Air are well known for its coral reefs right off the coast which will be perfect for diving as well. Each time I entered the water, I was lucky enough to be able to swim with a big sea turtle which made my stay here even more special. The currents here are a little strong so you do have to be a little careful and wary of being taken with the tide.

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