Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thailand Tips

Just some things I would advise for Thailand:

- Accommodation: There are many, many different hostels/hotels you can book with. Don't be afraid to shop around if you aren't planning on pre-booking and don't be afraid to ask to see the room before paying.

- TukTuks: They will try to rip you off! Don't be afraid to barter and if you can, somehow try find out how far away your destination is. Jump on a computer and try google map it. I stupidly paid nearly 200 THB to just go around the corner. It is only $7NZD equivalent but when you can get it for only half the price or less, it's worth it!

Also, they'll try take you on a 'tour' of Bangkok and will take you to visit their friends jewellery shops etc, where they get a commission if you purchase something. So if you don't want to go, you can say no. Don't be afraid to stand your ground even though some can get quite pushy.

- Airport shuttle bus: Most accommodation will offer taxi or coach services to and from the airport. You can do this, or for a cheaper option (from memory only 100THB) you can take the airport shuttle bus. I took one by Khao Sann Road and took about an hour or hour half  to get to the airport from there, depending on traffic. They leave pretty frequently and is the most convenient and cheapest way to get to and from the airport.

- DIY vs Packaged tours: There are many tour companies that run through out Thailand, either locally or bigger companies like G Adventures or Intrepid. While these are good if you are on a limited time frame or want the ease and security of having an itinerary already, but if you are planning on doing this yourself Thailand makes it very easy to do so. Buses and trains go to nearly every town in Thailand and are very affordable. From what I saw, train and bus stations do have an English speaking guard or helper that will pick out tourists and ask if they need help so it is quite easy to book as you go.

Enjoy your Thai adventure ;)

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